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WRC 7 – Especially Long “Epic Stages” to Be Included

The second trailer for upcoming WRC 7 has been released. Whilst the first focused more on the actual announcement of the game, the second trailer emphasises the especially long “Epic Stages”, which will come with WRC 7 this autumn. You can view the trailer above.

Epic Stages?

The Epic Stages are supposed to add that little extra challenge to WRC 7. They will be over 20 kilometres long and will take over 15 minutes to complete. And as per usual with rallying, make one mistake and you are gone.

The Epic Stages are specially aimed at the more advanced players who are looking to challenge themselves even more.

Here is what Alain Jarniou of WRC 7’s developer Kylotonn Racing Games had to say on the latest addition to the game.

The idea of WRC 7’s Epic Stages is really to respond to fans of rallying and WRC who for several years have been asking us for tracks that are longer and closer to a real rally.

These special stages, which are longer than 20 km and last for more than 15 minutes of gameplay, are certain to sorely test the players’ endurance. It’s also interesting to find all these different conditions in one single, solitary special stage.

The video also showcases the Citroën C3 WRC, which is being driven by Kris Meeke, Andreas Mikkelsen, Stéphane Lefebvre, Craig Breen, and Khalid Al Qassimi in the 2017 WRC season.

WRC 7 Citroen C3 WRC

When watching the trailer, bear in mind that real and virtual footage is being mixed.

By the way, WRC 7 is not the only game with long tracks being developed by Kylotonn Games. The studio is also working on the official TT Isle of Man game!

WRC 7 Hyundai

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