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WRC 7 Announced

It is the week of announcements. First NASCAAR Heat 2, then The Crew 2 and now WRC 7! To be fair, it is not really surprising to see Bigben Interactive announcing the follow-up to WRC 6, which again is being developed by Kylotonn Racing Games. Most of the WRC games were released yearly and Bigben is making no exception with WRC 7.

WRC 7 trailer

We know nothing much about the game yet. A trailer was provided though, which you can view above. It mixes some pre-alpha gameplay with some real WRC footage and it is quite hard to tell at first what is what – a good thing!

The video description reads as follows:

The rules of the World Rally Championship have changed. Enter: new beastly cars, more powerful and aggressive than ever before. Get ready to coat these beauties in mud and experience a surge of power that has never felt so real!

Engine sounds seem to have been improved as well, since the trailer clearly puts an emphasis on the Hyundai i20’s exhaust note.

WRC 7’s release is set for Autumn 2017, probably in October as with previous WRC games, and it will release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

More news will follow soon.

Below you can view some screenshots from the trailer.

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