SimXperience Accuforce Review by MockRacer

The first SimXperience Accuforce review is now upon us. The video above was part of one that was put together by “Mockracer” who was one of the beta testers of the Accuforce. I love his first quotes of the review.

Mock Racer

First Time Use Of The SimXperience AccuForce Steering System may cause serious disbelief and outrage when you realize what you’ve been missing out on all of these years.

Yes, consider yourself warned if you’ve never experienced the feel of a direct drive wheel before. When you realize what you’ve been missing in all of your years of simracing from not having force feedback delivered to you via direct drive, the amount of filth that will come out of your mouth will surprise even your pets.

SimXperience Accuforce Review

That really sets the stage doesn’t it ??

He then goes on to discuss Packaging and Assembly:

The SimXperience AccuForce Pro Simulation Steering Systemarrives in a fairly heavy box. 35lbs to be exact!  Each component is packaged neatly and separately. Included are the base unit, a suede 320mm wheel rim, a button box with paddle shifters, and a standalone controller box for housing all of the wheels electronics and power supply.

Accuforce Unpacked

Base and Mounting:

In addition to being beautiful, the all metal base motor casing is also functional. It’s designed to act as a heat sink for the motor, conceal any internal wiring, and is pre-drilled on the bottom for rig mounting with 8 M6 bolt holes.

Quick Release:

The steering wheel and its button box attach to the base via a standard quick release system that is found on many modern race cars. The hub makes it very easy to attach and detach the wheel. When attaching the wheel, its position relative to the base can be arbitrary.

Accuforce Paddles

Button Box and Paddle Shifters:

The button box in this Pro version already comes mounted to the wheel. It features 12 push buttons, color coded in red and black. The buttons can be adjusted to an extent, which allows for the hub to accommodate a variety of other wheel rims. 

And a whole lot more including “The Feel” :

Never in my 17 years of sim racing had I felt such detail, such clarity, and such precise feedback from any sim or game. 

And a whole lot more ! My quotes don’t come close to doing justice to the detail MockRacer put into this review to discribe the SimXperience Accuforce wheel. He’s included some great images and videos to go alone with it as well. Matter of fact, here’s another video from his awesome review.

To check out the full review, head on over to MockRacers site and CLICK HERE to read the entire review.

You can check out a SimXperience Accuforce wheel for yourself by going HERE.