Rexing Carbon Fiber GT Wheel Announced

Rexing has announced a new Carbon Fiber GT Wheel, which is specifically made for modding. This means that you only get the rim, no electronics, no other components. However, if you like the DIY part of sim racing, then the rim might be well worth it.

Who is Rexing?

If you are not already familiar with Rexing, here is a quick introduction:

Rexing is a European high-end sim-wheel manufacturer. Up until now, its portfolio consisted solely of the Formula Add On Wheel, a high-end formula-style rim, modelled after the wheel of the Ferrari SF15-T (2015) F1 car. We even got our hands on the wheel and did a review last year. You can check it out right here.

Carbon Fiber GT Wheel?

Rexing has now expanded its product catalogue by introducing the Carbon Fiber GT Wheel. This is not your usual rim though for two reasons:

  1. It is mainly made of alcantara and carbon fibre
  2. No electronics are included

Who is it made for then?

If you are a “cockpit builder, FFB base builder, fellow steering wheel builder or just a sim racing enthusiast” then this might be the wheel for you.

Basically, the rim is made to be changed. Many of the wheel’s features are specifically aimed at modders.

For example, the entire centre piece of the wheel is hollow to make room for components one might want to install. Also, the cut-outs on the centre piece made upon the customers wishes. Rexing provides drawings of the rim, with which you can basically design the whole centre piece yourself. Rexing will then CNC-machine the cut-outs for you.

The back of the wheel offers space for easy positioning of shifters and connectors as well.

The specifications of the wheel are as follows:

  • 320 mm / 12.6” diameter
  • 600 grams / 21.1 oz weight
  • Alcantara rim
  • Grip section oval 22.5 x 36 mm + alcantara
  • Inside space cca 28 mm from flat front to flat bottom, slightly reducing towards the edges

If you want one, it will cost you 489€, without VAT but with your cut-outs included. When it will be available though, is yet to be announced.

Below, you can view some images of the wheel.

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