Sim Racing Garage Reviews Emery Emond Hydraulic Pedals

Barry Rowland of Sim Racing Garage has released another review, this time taking a look at the hydraulic Wilwood pedal set built by Emery Emond. In this three-part series, Barry takes the set through his thorough review process, and gives his impression on the high-end set of pedals.

Emery Emond was a pioneer in the sim pedal industry, developing a set of pedals that utilized a hydraulic brake. After owning his set for a year, Barry has shared his thoughts for us to view. The first part gives an overview of the set, and a look at the components that make up the unit. Customization of the pedals is covered in the second section, and the final part features the pedals in action using iRacing’s Corvette C6.R at Road America.

The full review clocks in around a half hour, and is definitely worth a watch! The pedal set retails for around $800 plus shipping. For more information on the set, you can contact Emery at What do you guys think of the set? What are you guys currently using?