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Sim Racing System For Assetto Corsa, Public Beta Testers Needed

Sim Racing System For Assetto Corsa, Public Beta Testers Needed: Our mate, James (Gamermuscle) has been busy testing the latest Public Beta version of  Sim Racing System for Assetto Corsa. Over the weekend he has released an explanation video and a full race test video at Brandshatch in the KTM X-Bow, one make series. After chatting with James I have a little more insight into how Sim Racing System is meant to function.

The guys at Sim Racing System started the software because they wanted a way to better organise league racing  “Simracing Portugal” and so one of the guys started to automate it all.  At the moment SRS are aiming to keep it free service which may be ad supported, but if server costs get high, they might have to start charging a fee for using the service.

James tells me if you complete two races, it takes the best result and ignores the other. If you enter and complete more races, it then gives you the average result from those races. It is a little like the premise of iRacing, so you get a rank that then will place you with people in similar ranked servers.

With Assetto Corsa, it makes split servers automatically once enough people register. This automation will create as many servers with “official” splits as possible. Right now Sim Racing Systems needs more participants to Beta test and help point out any bugs that may be lurking in the net code by way of their feedback. The end goal being, to bring it out of Beta and into general release. A word of caution, there may be an extended waiting period as all the registrations are currently being handled by hand.

Read on to find out what the general requirements are, as well as James’s quick start guide:

James’s Reddit bullet points:

”To get going in AC with SRS

  • sign up to SRS here http://www.simracingsystem.com/
  • wait to be accepted by admin
  • download the AC app here : http://www.simracingsystem.com/showthread.php?tid=92
  • Add app to your AC game folder
  • Activate the app in AC so you can get to it on the menu
  • Select a race you want to sign up for and pick car / skin
  • Join the race 5 min before it starts
  • Do the race
  • Finish the race and then see your points and score and rank
  • Do more racing
  • wonder why this sort of system is not the default for all driving simulators.”

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”The Sim Racing System was designed to allow simracers, from all across the globe, to enjoy some of their favourite sims on a regular basis. Both Steam and non-Steam versions are supported


  • You must own a valid license of at least one of the supported titles;
    Seasons may run only on some of the titles supported.
  • Valid account at Sim Racing System’s website;
    Your username must contain your first and last names. If it is already taken, add a middle name or initial.
    Your sim profiles will have to match your username on the Sim Racing System’s website, change or create new sim profiles.
  • Install the Sim Racing System client.
    Run the client, select the sims you wish to use and point to the files mentioned on the dialogs. The application will close automatically.

Unless you intend to add or remove sims to the system you do not need to manually execute this software again. When needed, it will launch automatically.

When you visit the Race page, you will see two types of tables on the left side:

  • My Stats Table
    This Table shows you some stats: Rating on several categories, incident average, wins, podiums and top 10’s.
    If you click on the sign on the top right corner, you can access the global rating tables.
  • Session Tables
    This tables show you the next races by chronological order. You can see the sim that will be used as well as the mod and track.
    If you click on the sign on the right top corner, you can access more info about the series, such as calendar, driving aids allowed and 2 buttons that allow you to see the races, results and standings.The most important details of this table are the countdown to the beginning of the session and the register button.Registration on a session is allowed before the last 05:00 (five minutes). After that period you are not able to register and the button will display Unavailable.When you register, all the other series will become unavailable.

    The Join button will appear on the last 03:00 (three minutes) and will prompt to auto-join. After that period you won’t be able to join.