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Formula RaceRoom US Coming Soon

We have some great news from Sector 3 Studio’s with an announcement of their release of the top tier in open wheel racing in the US.

We welcome at the beginning of March, Formula RaceRoom US! Better known as Indycar racing in the real world.


These open wheelers produce plenty of punch, and have a mixed style of racing on Ovals and Road Courses. The most famous being the Indianapolis 500 which gets great coverage world wide.

These cars are powered by a 2.2ltr V6 turbo charged engine producing between 500 and 700bhp. This in comparison is quite tame when comparing to their over seas twin, FIA Formula One, which are reported to produce closer to 1000bhp!! However those in the know will understand BHP sells engines and torque wins races.

The engine is coupled together with a 6 speed paddleshift gearbox and the whole car weighs in at around 785kg.

Another feature which will be implemented is the “push to pass” ruling. This is the equivalent of DRS in Formula One and DTM. If like me you will either be a fan of this technology or you won’t. I personally am not a fan of these gimmicks. Overtaking should be done by race craft and not by a computer.

Interestingly Sector 3 Studios have stated that the ruling for this is:  “Push to Pass: + 60 bhp for 20 seconds. 10 Push to Pass allowed per race”   

However Indycar state the ruling is:

“It has switched up the push-to-pass boost rules, for which drivers will now get a time allowance instead of a number of uses”.

I understand this isn’t a licensed update so it would make sense why they differ.


With all this said these cars will provide an insane amount of grip and downforce just like they do in real life. If you have ever watched these on TV or lucky enough to have see them in the flesh, they provide racing – which lets be honest – takes a punt at Formula One and kicks it into touch! Well, lets hold onto that comment for the time being as new horizons in Formula One are about to be resurrected.

Just before I wrap this up I would like you to have a look at this picture:


Any comparisons with a recent blog about a KTM X-bow GT4?


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