First Images of the New Fanatec Direct Drive Wheel Have Appeared

SimRacing Expo has kicked off and eSport veterans Team Redline present us first visual impressions of the new, still unannounced Fanatec direct drive wheel on Facebook! Check them out below.

Fanatec DD wheel? What can we see?

Nothing too much. The base itself is still disguised as its official announcement has not rolled around just yet. The wheel of choice is the Porsche 918 RSR rim, one of Fanatec’s most high-end rims.

It was just a couple of days ago, when we learnt that a new product, which as we now know is the direct drive wheel, will be part of Fanatec’s new top-of-the-line Podium Series.

Some general information on the direct drive has been available for some time now. Check out our write-up here.

The official announcement can be expected very soon.

This looks insane Fanatec new direct drive!!

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