Dusenberry Martin Racing (DMR) Rebranding and NASCAR Heat Evolution sequel announced

Games developer Dusenberry Martin Racing makers of  Nascar Heat Evolution have announced that they are rebranding to 704Games. Also announced is a sequel that would seem to be aimed at console only at the time of writing. This is anticipated to be released in the fall of 2017.

Another interesting feature you may not be aware of is the newly appointed CEO of 704Games, a chap called Paul Brooks. Who is he you may ask? Well, Paul has had 19 years experience as NASCAR’s vice president and also working with NASCAR’s Media Group which included many of the TV deals allowing us to view NASCAR from the comfort of our homes. So a great asset to have.

704Games hold the simulation style licence for Nascar, and have announced they are to release the first of its kind NASCAR branded mobile racing game, which you may or may not be a fan of. I would say to get the product out there on as many platforms as possible. Its interesting to read that the sequel is only announced on console, no mention of which console. Recently history – the September 2016 release of NASCAR Heat Evolution – would suggest that it will be available on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

We really hope that lessons have been learnt from the first release, and as soon as we have any details of the sequel, we shall let you know.

Indecently, there have been updates to NASCAR Heat Evolution across all platforms, and from someone (me) who has purchased the game on Xbox One, I can say it has been improved from when it was released. But overall a “decent” NASCAR title is sadly emitting across all platforms – excluding iRacing – With reference to Nascar Heat Evolution on PS4 and PC, maybe we could have some feedback on the updates in the comments section below.


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