This Week Inside Sim Racing – November 18th – Win a TX Racing Wheel & Chassis !

In this episode we start things off with our quest for an Xbox One as we get ready for Forza Motorsport 5. We already know that we are going to have a brand new Thrustmaster TX 458 Racing wheel and a copy of Forza Motorsport 5 when the Xbox One comes out. However, we still don’t have an Xbox one. Perhaps you can help us out. Watch the show for your chance to win a  brand new TX Racing wheel and chassis by selling us your Pre-Ordered XBox One.

We then move on to Assetto Corsa to talk about everything going on since its release. There have been many videos from us and the entire community and we point you in the direction of where to see them.

Assetto Corsa Videos:

Keeping our eyes focused on all of the PC racers we turn towards Slightly Mad studios and Project cars. They recently had a visitor that many of you will know by the name “The Stig.”

The Stig @ Slightly Mad Studios:

We then move on to the Iracing Pro Race of Champions. This will be the third annual event featuring some big name from real life racing competing in iracing for bragging rights and a purse to be given to charity.

iRacing Pro Race of Champions

And then we finish off the show talking about Codemasters F1 2013 and its review. Will there be, or wont there be a review, find out in this show.

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