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This Week Inside Sim Racing – July 20, 2016

Presenting This Week Inside Sim Racing – July 20th, 2016 Edition. After a week off for travel and letting John get (some) sleep, the crew is back at it again to cover the past (couple) week’s news and what we’ve been up to.

– F1 2016 Details [04:27]
– DiRT Rally Update 1.2 with Oculus Rift Support [08:42]
– Forza Motorsports 6 Select Pack [12:47]
– Assetto Corsa Red Pack Released [16:10]
– Automobilista Update 0.9.8 [19:19]
– NASCAR Heat Evolution Official Trailer [22:46]
– rFactor 2 Palm Beach International Raceway V2.02 Released [26:04]
– SimXperience Gets Microsoft Hololens AR Unit [34:33]

– Darin’s Weekend at the Indycar Race in Toronto [39:45]
– Mark Puc Took a Ride on the Nordschleife [49:48]
– John Stayed Home and Played the PlayStation VR Demo [54:40]

– Thoughts on the Assetto Corsa Red Pack? [01:01:29]

Q&A [01:02:18]

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