This Week Inside Sim Racing – Gran Turismo Edition

This Week Inside Sim Racing is focusing mainly on Gran Turismo 6 this week.  We will be talking a little bit about an upcoming trip for the team to the Nascar Hall of Fame to meet this year IRacing Nascar champion.  We also talk abou the second build or patch to the newly released Assetto Corsa.  And then, the main topic of this weeks show is Gran Turismo 6.  When we released our first hour video of GT6 we were still under embargo and had to keep our thoughts to ourselves.  That embargo has been lifted and though we are not reviewing GT6 yet, you are going to get some of our first real impressions.  We also go a little bit deeper into the game, beyond that first hour, and really start to see some of the upsides of the new generation of the title.