TT Isle of Man the Game – Sidecars To Be Added For Free Next Week

A lot is going on in the world of bike racing sims right now. We have known for a while that they were coming, but we certainly did not know that they for coming for free and as soon as next week – sidecars for TT Isle of Man the Game!

Free Stuff? YES!

Sidecar motorbike racing is certainly not the first thing you would associate with the infamous Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. Yet, it has been part of the event for nearly a hundred years, with the first sidecar TT being held in 1923. However, there were some breaks in between.

How Kylotonn Games has gone about implementing the sidecars with its newest expansion is still unclear, as we only have a teaser so far.

The fact of the matter is though, it is coming for free and it is coming to all platforms next week on May 24 to be precise!

And in case you were thinking that sidecars might be any slower due to an additional rider – not quite. Take a look!

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