Thrustmaster Unveils T300RS For PS3/PS4

At this year’s E3, Thrustmaster has pulled the wraps off of their next wheel, this time for the Playstation. The T300RS features the same brushless motor technology as in the Thrustmaster TX, but this time is for the PS3 and PS4 (as well as PC support).


The T300RS features a new 11″ rim with moving paddle shifters (the base also supports static paddle shifters). The PS4’s new Share and Option buttons are included on the rim (also serve as the Start and Select buttons in PS3 mode). The T300RS’ degree of rotation can be adjusted from 240 all the way up to 1080.

The wheel also features support for the Thrustmaster Ecosystem, with F1, GTE, and T500RS GT rims able to be used on the base. The 2-pedal set can also be replaced with the T3PA or T500RS pedal sets.

The Thrustmaster T300RS will be available August 15th, for €369.99 (taxes included). Pricing for other regions will be unveiled in the near future.

NOTE: Darin had the opportunity to test out the wheel at E3, with Driveclub. Keep tuned here for his E3 feature where he’ll give his impressions on the T300RS.

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