Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition Announced


Just last week, Thrustmaster announced the new T300 Ferrari Intergral Racing Wheel Alcantara Edition for the PlayStation 4 and PC.  While PS4 and PC users were pumped – especially with the price – it did leave Xbox One owners out in the cold…until now.  Thrustmaster has just announced the TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition.  The package features the TX base, TM 28 Leather rim and T3PA pedals and will also be available for $469.99 on September 30th.

To some degree this news isn’t too surprising.  Fan of the show Vincent Lindsay tweeted us a link to the package on Amazon last week.  Damn Amazon, get to sell the wheel and get the exclusive scoop!

The release of this package is excellent news for Xbox One users.  While it isn’t the insane $210 savings that the T300 Ferrari Intergral Racing Wheel Alcantara Edition package is compared to buying the pieces individually, it does save you $40 and give you a very good setup for the Xbox One.

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