DIY Thrustmaster TX or T300 RC Shock Brake Mod

Back in late February I posted this video of a $10 brake mod for the stock Thrustmaster TX and or T300 RS pedal set. Just this week a new member of our forums, PTG Ty1er Ward posted some images of a Do It Yourself mod that he did for his TX pedal set, or specifically his brake pedal. Presenting the DIY Thrustmaster TX or T300 RC Shock Brake Mod.

DIY Thrustmaster TX or T300 RC Shock Brake Mod

His mod is for the Thrustmaster Tx 458 Italia pedal set but should work just as well for the T300 RS pedal set as well. Heck, I bet you could even do something like this to a Logitech DFGT set of pedals.

First up, is sourcing the RC shocks. I went to the website that distributes and or produces the Integy shock shown in the image above and found these which are identical to the ones Ty1er used.

Type II Alloy Shock for Axial AX10 Scorpion

Here’s the specs on them: Fully extended shock length (mount to mount) = 125mm; compressed length = 84mm

Price: $29.99 + $7.09 Shipping = $37.08

Another community member (PRKid) posted the same shocks but in blue that you can get from Amazon with free shipping for only $25.96.

Amazon – Integy C22884BLUE Type II Alloy Shock Axial AX10

The other thing that you will need to do is source some wood type screws from your local hardware store. He didn’t post the specs of those in his thread, but as you can see from this image, it’s what he used to attach them to his pedal set. I would either ask him in our forums what was used, or just take the shocks to the hardware store and look for a good match.

DIY Thrustmaster TX or T300 RC Shock Brake Mod

Actually it looks like he also used a sort of nylon bushing to attach the shocks to the base in this image. I’m sure you can source something like that at your local hardware store as well.

DIY Thrustmaster TX or T300 RC Shock Brake Mod

He was also asked about what weight shock oil he used and his response was that he didn’t use any and that you can adjust the spring tension on each shock with the “rotating green ring”.  He followed up with this quote as well: “They have a nice crisp/precise feel still even after almost a year of heavy use”

DIY Thrustmaster TX or T300 RC Shock Brake Mod

So once again, our forums make for a great place to get DIY ideas for your rig and I’d like to thank PTG Ty1ler Ward for sharing this awesome idea with us.  I may just try it out for myself like I did the Ashasha DIY mod and do a video of this one as well.

To check out Ty1lers original post, you can join in on the conversation in our forums HERE.