Thrustmaster Released New Firmware and Driver – TX & T300

Thrustmaster released a new firmware and driver update for the TX and T300 wheels. The T300 updates the firmware to V24 and the TX updates to V48. If you’ve never done a firmware update, it’s really easy. In Windows 7, go to “Programs”, then “Thrustmaster” and you will find FFB Wheel. In there’s a program called “Firmware Update” Click on that and follow the instructions to update the firmware and you’re all set. In Windows 8, do a search for “Firmware Update” and Windows will locate the program.

To update the driver, you can open the current driver profiler and click “Check for Updates”.

Here are the changes implemented in Firmware V24 & V48:

– Optimized cooling fan management (the cooling fan turns off quicker now when the motor cools down).
– Optimized wheel’s power supply management.

Your wheel’s Firmware version appears in the top right in the Control Panel’s tabs.

Thrustmaster Released New Firmware and Driver


Here’s what it looks like in the TX profiler

Thrustmaster Released New Firmware and Driver


In regards to the driver, it doesn’t state at the Thrustmaster website that there’s any significant changes other than accepting the new firmware. You can download the driver HERE if you are unable to do the auto update.