Thrustmaster Announces the TS-PC Racer Wheel

Thrustmaster has a new – higher-end – wheel, the TS-PC Racer.  While there’s been much to-do over the Thrustmaster GT branded wheel that was spotted at the GT Sport London event earlier this year, the TS-PC Racer has come out of nowhere to become Thrustmaster’s flagship wheel.  Featuring big spec numbers and a PC only focus, the soon to be released TS-PC Racer is vying hard for your attention this holiday season.

Let’s talk specs.  The TS-PC features a new brushless 40-watt motor that – Thrustmaster states – provides exceptional velocity (dynamic torque) which can be fully manifested in all racing conditions, from long stall curves (STALL mode) to super-responsive zigzags (DYNAMIC mode).

It also features a newly developed cooling system called “Motor Cooling Embedded” or MCE.  The goal of MCE is to keep the motor from losing power due to rising temperatures, all while remaining silent.  Thrustmaster claims this results in 50% more dynamic response and 4 times greater stall force compared to any other wheel from Thrustmaster.

The TS-PC Racer also receives a bump in resolution, coming in at 16-bits thanks to the new Field Oriented Control (F.O.C) that increases the precision of Thrustmaster’s H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) system.

The TS-PC also features an “external TURBO power supply” that supplies continuous power – even at the peak power of 400 watts – keeping the wheel responsive no matter how busy your hands get.  The power supply is toroidal shaped (round like a tire), ensuring optimized efficiency versus heat at 86%, thanks to its finless design.

And no, I don’t know what that means but it’s what the press release says.

Let’s now talk about the open-wheel inspired rim.  It has 6 buttons, D-pad and 3-position rotary selector with push button function.  It has a metal face, suede wheel grip covering and polished-brushed aluminum wheel-mounted sequential paddles.  The rim – and any other Thrustmaster rim that’s part of the Thrustmaster eco-system – rotates between 270 and 1080 degrees.

And naturally, Thrustmaster’s T3PA pedals and TH8A shifter can also be connected to the TS-PC Racer, because it joins the ecosystem.

The Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer will be available on December 5th with a suggested retail price of €549.99 ($499.99).

So yea…this whole sim racing hobby seems to just get better and better eh?  More options are always a good thing.

This is all the info – and single low-res image – we have now, but we’ll update if we receive anything new.

*Update 1: now with high-res images!*