New Thrustmaster Driver/Firmwares Released for TX/T500RS/T300RS

Thrustmaster has released some new updates for their line of flagship devices. They have a new PC driver available, as well as new firmwares for the T500RS and TX racing wheels. The driver also adds support for the new T300RS, which is set to come out next month.

The TX firmware seems to have the most extensive updates, including support for the TH8A shifter, which is coming out in August as well. The inclusion of a wheel-based auto clutch is an interesting addition, which allows you to use Manual+Clutch mode in games, even if you don’t have a clutch pedal. For the full list of updates, you can see the changelog below.

To download the updates for your wheel, as well as the new driver, you go to, and select your device in the “Updates and Downloads” section. You can also install the latest firmware for your device via the Thrustmaster driver software.

Has anyone given the new updates a go? Have you noticed any significant changes? Let us know in the comments below.


Thrustmaster Driver 2014_TTRS_1

– Added compatibility with the T300RS and T300 Ferrari GTE racing wheels.

** On PC, the USB sliding switch on the T300 RS racing wheel’s base must always be set to the PS3 position! 

– Added new firmwares V42 (for the T500RS) and V47 (for the TX Racing Wheel) .


T500RS Firmware Update V42:

– Added compatibility with the PS wheel (of the T300RS).
– Added compatibility with the FERRARI 458 CHALLENGE WHEEL Add-On with the new IC (IC V2). 


TX Firmware Update V47:

– Added compatibility with the TH8A SHIFTER.
– Added the WHEEL SENSITIVITY ADJUST feature which, on Xbox One™, enables players to adjust the wheel’s sensitivity level according to the selected rotation angle; 4 sensitivity levels are available.
– Added the AUTO-CLUTCH feature which, in some games for Xbox One™, enables players to select the “manual gear shift with clutch” option, even if they don’t have a clutch pedal.
– Added the CENTER VALUE ADJUST feature, which enables users to reconfigure the wheel’s preset center value.
– Optimized compatibility with the FERRARI 458 CHALLENGE WHEEL Add-On wheel in games for Xbox One™ and PC.
– Optimized compatibility with the FERRARI F1 WHEEL Add-On wheel in games for Xbox One™ and PC.
– Optimized Xbox One™ protocol.

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