How To: Logitech Pedals with Thrustmaster Wheels

Presenting a “How To” use your Logitech G25, G27 or G29 pedals with a Thrustmaster TX, T300 RS or T500 RS wheel.

It’s no secret that the T300 and TX pedals are lacking in the quality department and are missing a clutch. Sure you can modify the brake like I did here a few months back, but you’re still missing that clutch.

There’s also a chance that you’ve modified your Logitech G brake or pedals in general with one of the many upgrades available.

How would you like to use those G25, G27 or G29 pedals with your new T300 or TX racing wheel? It’s easy, you can and it’s only $19.99 to get this adapter from to make that happen. Your pedals will then work on the PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One, depending on which system you are racing on. If you wanted to, you could also use this adapter with a T500.

I’d like to thank Frank at Richmotech for sending me two of these adapters. They come nicely packages with a set of instructions . Also gives you instructions on how to make it work with a load cell if you’ve bought one from them.

Make sure to have your base setup in floor style or F1 style to get them to register properly. You need to press the mode button on your Thrustmaster base so that the light is red. Green will invert the throttle and clutch.

Plugged into the G27 you get only 256 values or 8 bits of resolution. The Thrustmaster base offers 1024 values or 10 bits of resolution. They pedalswill show up as Thrustmaster pedals and the clutch operates.

I tried it on PS4 with F1 2015 and they work fine then on the PC with iRacing and finally I tried them on the Xbox One with Forza Motorsport 5. On the XBox One I used the G29 pedals and they work great as well. Clutch functionality and everything.

Since they work on all of the above, I’m going to assume that they work on the PS3 as well.

Bodin solutions also offers the same plug for .49 cents less and you can find them at and it’s called the BPA-TX-G27. I actually found a set on ebay with the Bodin adapter for $100. I also highly recommend getting a brake mod for the G27 if you don’t already have one. I honestly had a hard time with the stock brake on the G27 and noticed a huge difference in my threshold braking when I moved over to the G29 pedals that have a brake mod installed from the factory.

I’d like to thank Frank at Richmotech for sending this to me. If you get one, tell them we sent you and thanks for watching.