First Images of New Gran Turismo Branded Thrustmaster Wheel

One of the perks of having Mark on the floor at the Gran Turismo Sport launch event in London is the ability to not only grab early footage of the new PlayStation 4 title, but grab pics of other things of interest there.  And we have something very much of interest, a new Gran Turismo branded wheel from Thrustmaster.

We know nothing more then what you see here, but we’ll dig for more information.


With that said, lets speculate a bit.  We can see that it features a leather/plastic rim, plenty of buttons, new paddle design and new – beefy – base design.  Of note on the base is the back of it and the semi-exposed rear plate of the wheel mechanism.  Almost direct-drive looking…

Hopefully we’ll know #soon where this new wheel fits into the Thrustmaster eco-system, what it’s made of and how much it’ll cost!