iRacing Nordschleife Early Access Test Drive in Aston Martin DBR9

In case the Mclaren-Honda MP4-30 around the Nürburgring GP didn’t get you going, can I interest you in an early access lap around iRacing’s version of the Nordscheife?  In an Aston Martin DBR9?  I thought that would get your attention.

After a long development, iRacing’s version of the Nordschleife is nearly ready for it’s big debut next week and we have the first complete lap of the finished track* (*track is still being polished for release so may differ, or not, from what you see here).

The track looks and feels great.  All the corners and elevations feel right were they should be when compared to other laser-scanned versions.  In-fact, some crests and corners feel even a little bit sharper for some reason.  It’s hard to know if this is true or not since laser-scanned should be laser-scanned, but maybe iRacing’s build process picks up a bit more.

It could also be art playing tricks on our eyes.  The trees in iRacing’s Nordschleife definitely seem to be in different locations than other versions, and that could be the biggest difference.  Speaking of the trees, iRacing has a new tree model (NTM) for the Nordschleife.  Can’t really comment on them cause they were flying by so fast…

Nordschliefe Inside Sim Racing

Other cool features of the track – and sim – that we discovered during the lap is the thick graffiti at portions of the track and the new high pitch rumble strip sound when you run over the more cobblestone like strips.  Sounds awesome.

This track really is a work of art.  The level of detail everywhere is amazing.  And even with that level, it has good frame rates.  High five!

Can’t wait until you guys get your hands on it and experience it for yourselves.  Not looking as forward to having to pass someone in a race though…it’s tight out there…make sure you nail that qualifying lap.