SimBin Studios Restructuring!

The sim racing world was in hysterics this morning, upon speculation that SimBin Studios were shutting their doors. A status posted on the Facebook profile of former employee AnneSofie W. Madsen (since removed) stated that SimBin was going bankrupt and she was looking for new work.

However, SimBin producer Jay Ekkel has given us an update on our forums, telling us that SimBin will live on, albeit with a few changes:

“The actual story in short is this:

“New studio, new location, new name, (almost) the same team. Be ensured that all development on the project will continue.

More interesting news to follow soon!”

We had hoped we could announce the news and the future plans ourselves, but the first half of news got out already. So some patience required as more news will come soon.”

RaceRoom Racing Experience is also confirmed to be continuing along with the new SimBin (whatever it will be named), but I find it interesting how Jay’s statement states “The Project”, so could there be hope for a new title on the horizon?

It would have been a shame to see SimBin go under, with its storied history in the industry, so I’m excited to hear about this new chapter in the company. What are your thoughts on SimBin’s restructuring? Let us know in the comments!