SimBin Releases Teaser Video of the Audi 90 Quattro In R3E

SimBin has released this preview video of their latest addition to RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E), the Audi 90 quattro.  Even though the Audi 90 was an IMSA racer and not meant to go sideways like it’s rally bretheren, I still quit enjoyed the power slides.  This is the first time the Audi 90 quattro has been seen in R3E, with only images being released previously.  The car is “coming soon” and will be available at

If the Audi 90 quattro was a little before your time (l was 1 year old) and you want to learn more about it, I highly recommend reading TheSpeedhunters fantastic story about how the 720 bhp AWD car hit the IMSA circuit in 1989.

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