SimBin is Now Sector3 Studios

In July, rumors were flying around that SimBin Studios would be shutting down. However, Jay Ekkel clarified that they were not shutting down, but were restructuring, and would be changing their name. Some more questions were sparked by the announcement: “What would the new name be?” “Where are they relocating to?” “Will RaceRoom Racing Experience continue to be developed?” We have had development updates confirming that R3E’s development will proceed as normal, and now, we have the answer to the new studio’s name! SimBin has now been renamed to Sector3 Studios.


Sector 3 was officially founded September 1st, 2014, and features most of the same staff from SimBin. One of the primary reasons for the restructuring was the ability to relocate. The name “SimBin” was contractually tied to their present location, which was in a less than ideal spot in terms of recruitment. The team felt that if they relocated to a more populated area, they would be able to snag up more talent. The studio will remain at their present location for the remainder of 2014. They are planning on moving to their new location at the end of this year or early next year.

RaceRoom Racing Experience will continue to be developed by Sector 3, and they have released some more screenshots to show off the new content coming. As we all know, the track surface will be updated to provide for a more authentic FFB experience. Sector3 has also revealed they are working on implementing support for the Oculus Rift DK2, so VR fans should be happy! To check out the two new galleries, full of never-before-seen screenshots, check out these two galleries:

RaceRoom Racing Experience Screenshots
ADAC GT Masters 2013 Screenshots

Be sure to also check out Sector3’s FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Google+ profiles!

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Note: It looks like the latest patch for R3E has been somewhat delayed, but in light of recent events, I think they have a valid reason for it. Hopefully we’ll see the new updates soon!

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