RaceRoom Racing Experience: Two New WTCC Previews

R3E WTCC Time Of Day

Sector3 Studios has been releasing new previews lately, showcasing WTCC content, which is set to be the next pack to be released for RaceRoom Racing Experience. We have two videos to showcase, one from RaceRoom Racing Experience’s official YouTube channel, and another from staff member Georg Ortner (better known as 6e660).

First off, we have the official preview of the content update to R3E that is planned for October. In addition to the WTCC content, Sector3 is also bringing the Time of Day feature to the sim. While it will not be a dynamic feature yet, you will be able to choose five preset times, ranging from early morning to late in the afternoon. This new trailer features the WTCC roster of cars driving at different times in the day, and I have to say that the developers have done a spectacular job capturing the atmosphere, and how it is graphically portrayed. I will be looking forward to this update coming later this month.

Georg Ortner is no stranger to making excellent videos (he actually won the 2008 rFactorCentral video contest with an incredible entry), and he has given us another unique video. He has given us a look at a WTCC race in R3E, but he superimposed his SimXperience cockpit into the car, to give an interesting perspective driving the car. It is a fun video to watch, to get a fresh perspective on how we are able to interact with these virtual vehicles via our hardware.

I also recommend you check out Georg’s channel and some of the other videos he has available. He also has three videos uploaded in the past day, which features him racing against DTM driver Dani Juncadella.

Are you looking forward to the next update coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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