New SimBin Dev-Blog Released Discusses Multiplayer

SimBin Studios has released a new Dev-Blog to announce what is in development. The most notable announcement is the upcoming Multiplayer Alpha. The Alpha will be a basic version of online, to test the network stability and make sure everything is working as it should. Racers who own DTM Experience and the Season Pass will be eligible to test out the Multiplayer Alpha, when it comes out hopefully in the next month or so.


Simbin also touched on the topic of corner markers. SimBin had intended to release bi-weekly patches to eliminate the corner markers from their tracks, and they have announced the update will be delayed by a few weeks. They have stated that they have also decided to remove other elements, such as billboards and banners, that are on the track but not on their real life counterparts. We should start to see the patches coming in a few weeks.


SimBin has also released some WIP shots of the 1989 Audi 90 Quattro GTO race car, set to be added to the sim in the near future. This car was a beast, having a 700hp AWD Group B powertrain dropped into a space frame chassis, and covered with a carbon fiber body. The result? Audi won 7 of the 13 races in the 1989 IMSA season, but lost the championship to Roush Racing, due to Audi sitting out the first two races of the season. If you think about it, winning 7 out of the 11 races entered is no small feat! This car is widely regarded as one of the cars that innovated in road racing, and now racers will get the opportunity to race it virtually.

There are a few other things worth taking a look at in the latest SimBin Dev-Blog, which you can access here. What do you think of R3E’s changes? Do you think they are going in the right direction?

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