Sim Rig Creativity: Build a Cockpit for Under $50

One of our more popular sections in our forums are the Sim Rigs section, with people showing off their cockpits and setups. Some of the coolest rigs are of the DIY kind. Be it out of wood, PVC, or even fabricated metal, DIY  allows racers to inject their own creativity into their designs.

One of the latest noteworthy designs was by forum member RepoDraghon, with his sim rig that he had constructed for around $50. Nicknamed the “SaunaMobile”, it was built to the specifications of his 2002 Ford Mustang. He initially designed the base of the rig with design cues from our  “DeathMobile“, but then he decided to change it up a bit to fit with the Adirondak Chair he had built.

I’d like to thank RepoDraghon for the reminder that you don’t have to shell out big bucks to enjoy our hobby. For more information, you can check out his topic here. Do you guys have any designs or custom setups you’d like to share? Drop by our forums!