DIY PVC Sim Racing Rig For Under $200

Presenting our second DIY sim racing rig build. This time Jessica Lopez hosts the show and assists Shaun "The Builder" Cole as he uses PVC to build a full size sim racing rig for under $200.

For this show Shaun purchased $130 worth of materials and is using the same seat we used for the Deathmobile (DIY Wood Rig).  Some say that PVC isn't rigid or strong enough to build a sim rig out of. We're going to put that myth to rest.

Part 2 will be out very soon with the fully painted PVC Sim Racing rig by SIMUL8R and review with Jessica and Shaun Cole. We'll also have some great bloopers to include with that show.

To check out SIMUL8Rs plans, you can go here

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