Classic Race Simulators on Display at ASI ’14

Autosport International 2014 (ASI ’14) has been going on this week in Birmingham, England featuring racecars and the stars that pilot them. The show also featured many vendors from the motorsports world but one in particular caught my attention. This photo from the official rFactor 2 twitter account introduced me to Classic Race Simulators.

Alastair McLeod founded Classic Race Simulators in 2012 when he decided he needed a more authentic experience while driving the historic Formula 1 cars in rFactor 2.  Alastair acquired the dimensions for a Lotus 49B and set forth to create a to-scale recreation of the classic racer.  After a couple of prototypes and a few key contacts, Classic Race Simulators was born.

The tubs are made of fiberglass, wood and feature casters and lifting handles to ease handling.  The website does note that their chassis are narrow, just like the real thing, and could be a bit snug for those over 6 feet tall (sorry Darin).  With chrome rear view mirrors, roll bar and super sharp classic liveries, these chassis look fantastic.  Of course something this pretty isn’t cheap, the base “Grand Prix S” chassis starts at £2,995.00 ($4,900.00) and additional options can send the price much higher.

Classic Race Simulators wrapped up ASI ’14 with the “Best Historic” stand at the show, a fitting award if I say so myself.  Check out the now award winning company at