RaceRoom Group 5 Previews and Salzburgring Release


Sector3 Studios have taken to their social media pages for more previews of their Group 5 pack, which based off the wording on their Facebook page, maybe coming to RaceRoom this week…

The screenshots show off a handful of retro liveries for the first time on the the BMW 320 Turbo, Zakspeed Capri, Fabcar 935 and Chevy “Greenwood” Corvette while they race around the Salzburgring.  The retro schemes, especially the Apple Computer Fabcar, look fantastic in my opinion.

And speaking of Salzburgring, it’s out!  The track arrived to RaceRoom late last week and can be purchased for 399 vRP.  While the Austrian beauty only comes in one layout, its a good one, sporting plenty of high speed sweepers and stunning views.  Are there any tracks in Austria that aren’t surrounded by gorgeous mountains?

If you haven’t driven it yet yourself (or want some driving tips), check out this video featuring veteran WTCC driver Tom Coronel.


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