Nissan Skyline 2000RS Coming to R3E


Add another to the list.  Sector3 Studios has been teasing new content for their upcoming Group 5 cars pack for RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E) for sometime.  Now they have unveiled the next car for the pack, the Nissan Skyline 2000RS.

Like the other Group 5 cars – Chevrolet Monza and Fabcar 935 – this car looks fantastic.  Love the ridiculous body kit.  Here’s some insight into the car from Sector3:

The strongest Skyline in History, to which the name GT-R was never given.

Nissan added the Skyline in 1982 in the “Fuji Super Silhouette Series”.
The car, who later earned the nickname “Iron Mask” is based on a 2-door hardtop 2000 RS (R30) and equipped with a chassis developed by Nova Engineering, who designated portions of the body to be of pipe frame construction, added a massive front spoiler & rear wing, making it a car that was truly imposing in appearance.

What has me really excited are a couple videos that Sector3 shared featuring the car.  Dat flame!  Also love the ‘sticky’ tach that looks about at precise as a sumo wrestler figure skating.

I’m also excited to hear the car’s sound recreated in R3E, because no one does sound as well as them.

No release date is set for the Group 5 pack (or even what its official name will be) but with two more potential spots for cars on the official forum thread…there may be more previews to come.

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