Nissan Silvia Turbo Joins RaceRoom’s Group 5 Lineup


Fan of 80’s saloon race cars?  Fan of rectangles and triangles?  Then you’ll love the final car to be announced for RaceRoom’s forthcoming Group 5 Pack, the Nissan Silvia Turbo.

The Nissan Silvia Turbo – nicknamed “The White Lightning” – graced the Group 5 Championship with its 570ps L20ZB four-cylinder engine in 1982.  As you can see, it sported a wild wide body kit that shows off the 80’s aerodynamics of more triangles and rectangles = more better.

If the car’s unique shape reminds you of the previously previewed Nissan Skyline 2000RS, then you are not seeing things.  Under the Silvia Turbo’s body is essentially a Super Silhouette car, the series that the Skyline competed in (in 1982 as well).  It isn’t even has the dope A-pillar blades of the Skyline.

With the announcement of the Silvia, the Group 5 Pack that Sector3 Studios has been painfully teasing us with is now set.  It’s going to be quit the battle of nations with Germany, United States and Japan going head-to-head, each with their own unique take on the Group 5 car.

Should be fun…whenever it’s released.


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Zakspeed Capri (already available for purchase)


Fabcar 935


Chevrolet Monza Dekon


Nissan Skyline 2000RS


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Nissan Silvia Turbo



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