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Ride 3 – First Official Gameplay Footage Makes Appearance

Since its reveal a while back, major news on Ride 3 have not been what one would call frequent. However, Milestone Italy is back with the first official gameplay video! You can check it out above!

What’s to See?

Racing in a city, at night, on a bike. What could possibly go wrong? The gameplay trailer features exactly that scenario, highlighting the versatility that Ride 3 is set to offer.

What’s to Expect?

Unlike other racing games, Ride 3 does not seem to be about racing per se, but rather the experience of actually riding a (super)bike, which does include racing.

You can virtually replicate this experience in Ride 3 using one of more than 230 licensed bikes at launch, all customisable in the new livery editor, and 1 of 30 real-world, drone-scanned (road) tracks.

The bikes come in seven categories, ranging from slower to (too) fast models: sport bikes, maxi endure, supermoto, endurance, race superbikes, naked, café racer.

For example, one of the road tracks is right by Lake Garda and you can check out how it was made below.

And yes, GP circuits will be available too. Other categories include country tracks, city tracks, and supermoto tracks.

No talking about bikes without mentioning Ducati:

Magazines, In This Case Not For Reading

All of the content is aligned in a brand-new career mode, getting rid linear progression for, once again, the experience. Over fifty magazines will be available in the volumes faster, trip master and last lap.

Milestone has only touched on the multiplayer briefly, but what we do know is that it will  feature a weekly challenges system, where drivers will be able to compete with their best hot laps.


The release date remains November 8 for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.


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