Niels Heusinkveld Talk & Drive Ep 5 – rFactor NSX

If you’re not familiar with Niels Heusinkveld, he’s one of the physics gurus behind Game Stock Car and some of the best mods to come out of rFactor. He’s also the inventor of the “FoFoFu” DIY chassis you see in his video above as well as HE Sim Pedals.

He’s been doing these “Talk and Drive features now for a little while, this being his fifth that he posted a few days ago. In this one, he takes the Honda NSX that he’s working on for rFactor to a track called “Buckmore” that’s made for karts and is located in the UK.  This mod isn’t available yet but Niels comments on You Tube that he hopes it will be by Christmas.

Here’s how Niels describes this “Talk and Drive”

Tight course, talking about physics, sounds, driving techniques, applied to ‘fast’ driving, and also a bunch of drifting / powersliding!