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Studio 397 Q&A – The Plans for rFactor 2

As Studio 397 said in its latest Roadmap Update, they were present at the Jumbo Racing Days, driven by Max Verstappen, at Zandvoort last weekend. Whilst being there, the team decided to do a spontaneous Facebook livestream with Marcel Offermans, rFactor 2’s Managing Director, to answer some of the questions of the community. You can view the video here and a summary of what was said below.

DX11 Beta

Studio 397 is happy about the support it is receiving from the community and updates to the beta are being pushed nearly every day. However, “a few more weeks” will be needed for the stable release.

The new UI

The only thing mentioned about the new GUI is that it will try to better integrate the Steam Workshop to make joining servers a lot easier. But not that long anymore until we will be able to see for ourselves what it will exactly bring to the sim.


The track is coming along nicely and is receiving great feedback. Studio 397 is also closely working together with the owners of the track to produce the best-possible version(s).

Apparently, Studio 397 is “very tempted” to do a historic version of “Zandy” as well.

Radical SR3

Physics for the Radical are currently being “finalised” and Studio 397 is hoping to release it in June. A livery competition to involve the community might be on its way as well.

CPM tyre model

Studio 397 is very pleased with rFactor 2’s new tyre model, called the Contact Patch Model, which has been in use for around a year now. All of the latest cars already have it and older ones are currently being updated. It is being described as “one of the most accurate around”, due to its 2400 Hz refresh rate. Tyre manufacturers were also involved in the process of development.

More physics

Advanced physics for hybrid drivetrains are also on their way, but we only know that they will arrive “at some point”.

Upgrading the physics for the gearboxes is being considered too, e.g. damage or use of the clutch.

The Nordschleife

As you can imagine, the answer as to whether the “the Ring” is on its way was very vague. Studio 397 is “talking to everybody at the moment” and “we will see something down the line”.

Rating system

After the release of the new UI, better competition support will be the next major focusing point. To implement better support though, a rating system is needed and Studio 397 hopes to have “some kind of safety rating” and also a rating for your performance in place. Moreover, it will not be a closed system, since “it will encourage leagues and the awesome community out there to get involved.”

Have any questions?

Do not worry, Studio 397 is hoping to do another one of these Q&A’s “in a week or so”.

Therefore, if you have any questions, keep an eye on the official rFactor 2 Facebook page!

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