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One of the eagerly awaited cars for rFactor 2 is the 2014 spec Stock Cars, which has been teased for some time now. ISI, on rFactor 2’s oficial Twiter, has just released a couple preview shots showing the Howston stock cars in game. Note that these cars are featured on Jacksonville Superpeedway, which was introduced in rFactor as a generic version of Daytona International Speedway. ISI test servers have been spotted testing out “Richmond”, which could mean the 3/4 mi short oval could be coming to rFactor 2 as well. That means upon release, we could have up to four ovals to drive these cars, as well as the DW12, on!

Stock Cars Jacksonville

I was analyzing these screenshots, and one thing I noticed is that these screenshots do not correspond with the template that came out last week. The template shows the “Mantis GT” which looks like the Chevrolet SS. The screenshots show the “Evo”, which looks to be like the Ford Fusion. Will we maybe see another car that looks like the Toyota Camry?

ISI’s stock cars will be built to 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup specifications. For those of you who aren’t too up to date on America’s premier racing series, these cars are powered by a 5.8L V8 generating over 850 horsepower. The powerplant, powered by E85 Ethanol, ¬†propels these 3,400 pound race cars to speeds in excess of 215 mph on ovals such as Michigan and Indianapolis. Take these beasts to road courses and you will find these to be a handful, but a blast to drive!

There has been no release date specified for the Howston Stock Cars, but generally when we see ingame screenshots of the cars, they’re bound to be coming very soon. Are you looking forward to giving these stock cars a spin? Let us know in the comments below!

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