rFactor 2 Previews the AC 427 and Portugal

Image Space Incorporated (ISI) have released a new dev video showing off two upcoming pieces of content to rFactor 2, the AC 427 ‘Cobra’ and Portugal (Estoril).

The Cobra is no stranger to the sim world, with it being a fan favorite in Assetto Corsa.  It is in release candidate form and will be released soon.

Portugal isn’t in release candidate form yet but it shouldn’t be too far behind the Cobra.  If the track looks familiar to you classic Formula 1 fans, that’s because it was more commonly known as Estoril.  The 4.182 km (2.599 mile) Autódromo do Estoril hosted the Portugal Grand Prix from ’84-’96.  Since then it hasn’t really had much international attention, so its good to see it making its way to rFactor 2 to be enjoyed by those who have fond memories of it or who were too young to experience it.

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