rFactor 2 – Monaco e-Prix Track Landing Next Week

A month has passed yet again, time to check out the current ongoings in the rFactor 2 world with the latest Roadmap Update. This month, Monaco, Nürburgring and UI progress.

Monacco e-Prix

The new content announcement for this month’s roadmap comes in form of the Monaco e-Prix circuit, which will be released on the same day as the Formula E race – May 11 – next week. The further expands Studio 397’s portfolio of Formula E content and marks the ideal testing ground for the recently released Formula E Gen 2 cars.

Mind you, this is not the F1 GP circuit which many might expect, but rather a shortened version, being roughly half the distance. You can check out an onboard video with a gen 1 Formula E car below.

More WIP

Talking about the Monaco e-Prix track, this might be a good time to showcase the new rFactor 2 session loading screen (and a map of rFactor 2’s new Formula E track)

rFactor 2 April Roadmap Update Session Loading Screen Preview

Also, the new UI is coming along. For example, here is a shot of the new matchmaking screen.

rFactor 2 April Roadmap Update UI Matchmaking Preview

Then, of course, the all-mighty Nürburgring is still in the works and, most importantly, still on schedule. You can find the latest preview below.

Final tweaks are being made to the Tatuus cars as we speak, ironing out the last bugs.

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