rFactor 2 – McLaren 650S GT3 and More

The monthly rFactor 2 roadmap update is here and there is a lot to talk about. Cars, tracks, competitions, new features, nothing is being left out.  


McLaren’s World’s Fastest Gamer competition is already well underway. Three of ten places have already been taken, but there is still some time to go. rFactor 2 has been chosen as the “main qualifying platform”. For more info on the events, you can read our corresponding article here.

McLaren 650S GT3 confirmed

Studio 397 did not only work on WFG with McLaren, but on a new rFactor 2 car as well – the already very familiar and proven McLaren 650S GT3! It seems that the car is just about complete, since it will be used in the upcoming WFG event.


Great progress on “Zandy” is also being made and it will be used together with the McLaren during WFG. More tracks are in the works too. Details on those will be released in the coming months.

Will the new content be free?

As for Zandvoort, yes, it will be a free addition for every rFactor 2 owner. The McLaren however, will be paid content and also part of a new DLC pack coming up for rFactor 2. You will be able to purchase the car/ pack (release TBA) through a new item store, which will be launched at the beginning of August.

DirectX 11

As you may know, the DX11 beta of rFactor 2 is already public and has received many updates over the last couple of weeks. Studio 397 is now nearing a stable version of the build and will soon be able to make DX11 an rFactor 2 default. Development does not stop there though, more is still to come.

User interface

rFactor 2’s user interface is also about to be completed. Here are two previews.

rFactor 2 new UI wheel calibration preview

Notice how you can now specify ranges directly by entering the desired value.

rFactor 2 new UI gear ratios preview

The new car setup screen will allow to easily identify the changes you have made by highlighting them in an orange font.

Physics and overlays

Studio 397 is especially focusing on improving rFactor 2’s tyre physics. The latest cars to take advantage of these changes are the newly released Radical and the upcoming McLaren.

In-game and broadcast overlays have also been taken care of. Studio 397 has come up with an HTML solution, which will not interfere with the game. An API for third parties to develop their own overlays will soon be released.

Competition infrastructure

WFG was only the beginning. Studio 397 is working on bringing a fully-fledged competition infrastructure to rFactor 2 with a license progression system. Whilst the Dutch developer will host own competitions and races, the community will also be involved.

rFactor 2 is already being used heavily by the community for esport purposes, so why not integrate those efforts with the game and its licensing system/ driver rating?

If you want to check out what Studio 397 is currently up to in person, you can visit the developer at this year’s sim racing expo a the Nürburgring on September 16 and 17.

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