rFactor 2 – March Roadmap Update Discussing VR, UI and DX11 Released

Studio 397 keeps promise and continues to release monthly roadmap updates on rFactor 2. Here is what’s new in March:


A new addition to the graphics department are the post-processing effects, allowing for greater visuals without touching the game and thereby ensuring compatibility with existing content. For instance, another game making use of post-process effects is Assetto Corsa.

As you can probably imagine, DirectX 11 integration has advanced but isn’t ready just yet.

However, in the process of integrating DirectX 11, Studio 397 was able to fix some various bits and pieces that had come up over time. The fixes include the correction of the way shadows are cast, which now follow all the ever so tiny bumps on the road surface. Also an issue with stray coloured pixels in the distance has been taken care of, clouds now use new higher resolution textures and ambient lighting has been improved as well.

Of course, many more improvements are still to come.

Virtual Reality

Studio 397 is glad to report that the developers are already able to experience rFactor 2 in VR. Implementation was made possible through the openVR SDK (Software Development Kit) which also means that both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive will be compatible.

User Interface

The UI is coming along nicely too and from day one onwards, no functionality will have to be sacrificed. Instead, we will be seeing improved features and even more improvements and advancements are being added in the coming months.


New car and track content is on its way and will be announced soon, but right now we will have to settle with the progress on the Radical SR3 instead – could be worse.

In fact, thanks to the data Radical provided, Studio 397 are creating “the most realistic version that has ever been produced.”


Since Studio 397 really wants to get things right, it won’t be able to make the initial release of Q1. May 1 is the new targeted release date for VR support, DirectX11 implementation and the new UI.

This may sound like a bit of a disappointment, but the time is being used well. Modders will have the opportunity to join a special forum, as many already did, where they will receive direct info from Studio 397 on the progress and guidelines. As a result, hopefully most if not all major mods will be compatible with the “new” rFactor 2 on May 1.

Below you can find some new screenshots showcasing the visual improvements and the Radical.

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