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rFactor 2 Easter Treat – Formula E Gen 2 and Lester Special Edition Fictional Track

rFactor 2 users are for a treat this easters, as Studio 397 has prepared the Formula E Gen 2 cars and a matching fictional track right in time for Easter weekend!

Not the First Formula E Car in rFactor 2

The second generation Formula E car also marks the second Formula E car in rFactor 2, ideal for comparing the 2018-spec to the 2019-spec. Obviously, the second generation offers a bigger battery, allowing it to complete a whole race without changing cars, and more power, boosting it from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.7 seconds and right up to a top speed of 280 km/h.

This year’s Formula E car also introduced a sophisticated brake-by-wire system, allowing engineers to dynamically allocate braking power between brake motor (producing negative torque) and braking disks to maximise energy recuperation. Brake-by-wire also means that there is no direct connection between brake pedal and braking elements any more. Braking input is now passed on electronically and then allocated accordingly.

rFactor 2’s implementation is currently set to the optimal split between electrical motor and brake discs, allowing to regain battery charge when braking, but who knows, maybe a dynamic brake-by-wire system will make it into a future release?

The car, with all the 2019 season liveries, is now available in rFactor 2’s Steam Store at 4.99€ or similar in your local currency.

A Matching Kind-of-real Track

The Lester GP track actually exists and is located in New Jersey, USA. The rFactor 2 version only took some inspiration from the real-world track though, nevertheless, it’s the ideal companion for the (new) Formula E cars! And best of all, it’s free for all rFactor 2 users.

rFactor 2 Lester Special Edition

The Lester Speical Edition track is available in the rFactor 2 Steam Workshop right here.

rFactor 2 Formula E Gen 2 6

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