rFactor 2 – Dallara DW12 and Indianapolis Released

The Indy content just keeps coming! Image Space Incorporated has released the Dallara DW12 and Indianapolis Motor Speedway for rFactor 2. This marks their second and third pieces of content for the sim, following the 2014 Formula Renault 3.5

The Dallara DW12 comes in three aero packages, Oval/Indy, Short Oval, and Road Course. In road course configuration, you can choose from Primary or Alternate tires. Chevrolet and Honda engines are recreated, and also have different sounds for the respective engines.  The Indianapolis Motor Speedway features four configurations, the 2007 Grand Prix, 2013 Grand Prix, 2014 Indy GP, and the Indy 500 Oval. All configurations clock in at around 2.5 miles, and can make for some great racing. For more information about the car and track, as well as to download the content, you can check out rFactor 2’s page here.

More IndyCar related content, including classic cars (such as the Reynard 95i, Eagle Mk4, and Watson Roadster) will be released in the near future. To find a full list of upcoming cars, you can check out the announcement here. Which car are you looking forward to racing at the brickyard?

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