rFactor 2 – Botniaring Now Available

Right on time, rFactor 2 Roadmap Update, and right on time, a new track for the sim, available now for free on Steam!

It’s the Botniaring!

Botniaring track mapIf you are tired of all the big names in racing tracks, then the Botniaring is right for you. Opened in 1989 right by a small Finish town called Jurva, now part of the neighbour town Kurikka, the track has since established itself as a hidden champion of Finnish racing grounds.

“Long” (as in longest track in the country), “Long with chicane” and “Short” are the layouts available.

And yes indeed, the track is now available, free of charge, in the rFactor 2 Steam workshop right here.

Nürburgring Progress

Remember Studio 397’s big Sim Racing Expo announcements? One of them was the licensing of all Nürburgring track layouts, on which the study has been very busy since. Although there are no in-game images available just yet, Studio 397 is hoping to get there very soon, and has made great progress on track-side objects in the meantime, as the studio states in the latest Roadmap Update.

Check the previews out below!

And this is how it looks in real life:

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