Nurburgring 24H Layout Previews for rFactor 2

It’s no secret that one of my favorite third party additions to rFactor 2 is the excellent conversion of the Nurburgring Nordschleife by DJCruicky and Tosch. Since their 1.81 release of the Green Hell, they have teamed together with Mianiak, to combine his conversion of the Nurburgring GP Circuit, to give us the full 24 Hour layout! We now have some more information and previews as to what this collaboration will bring us.

Nurburgring 24H

This first shot shows us how the two circuits will blend together, and it looks like a very solid match! This shot also gives you a good perspective on how the tracks merge together in real life.

One of the major overhauls that DJC and Tosch have performed on the splicing of the two tracks together comes in regards of how many cars can be supported. The Nurburgring 24H layout will push rFactor 2 to its absolute limit, supporting the current maximum of 104 cars. While the garage stalls will be split among the Tourist area and the GP garages, all of the pit stops will be performed at the GP area. Some stalls will service two cars, and some will even service three, to make sure all 104 cars can have pit stops done. One concern I would have though, is if a car is having extended repairs: would that lock the other driver(s) out of using that shared box until service is complete?

The testing of the Nurburgring 24H circuit also appears to be going well, where they are testing races with the cars. They have also made an interesting feature, where you can split cars into different starting groups, based on class, like in real life. I find that pretty cool, and brings us another simulated aspect of the real life 24 hour event. They have also noted that if you are looking to run full field races on this circuit, you will need 8 GB of RAM MINIMUM! 16 GB is highly recommended, due to the sheer intensity of simulating over 100 cars in rFactor 2.

No release date has been stated for the combo circuit, but judging by the previews, hopefully we do not have long to wait. Are you looking forward to the Nurburgring 24 Hour circuit? Let us know in the comments below!

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