Total Spanish Simulator – G27 Brake Mod Reviewed

There are more brake modifications to the Logitech G27 brake pedal set then one can count. I suppose with the shear numbers of these pedals in action, it makes sense that there would be so many. From a reviewers stand point, at times we see many things that are carbon copies of the competitors or so similar that its hard to notice that its from a different company. In the case of the Total Spanish Simulator brake mod, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I have never seen a brake mod for the G27 pedals that looked anything like this. For that matter, I haven’t seen any stand alone pedals this sophisticated either.

Like many other mods for the G27, the TSS brake mod will replace the original pieces within the stock pedals. It can also be used with the stock case and be remounted into your rig as they were before. The brake is completely compatible with the wheel and can be plugged in directly and still even work on the PS3. The pedal can be used at an even higher resolution if plugged in separately via a USB controller such as a Bodnar cable. The TSS brake pedal cost 140 euro which is about 194 dollars here in the us. Shipping will set you back an additional 48 dollars here in the us and that brings the total cost to about 241 dollars. The offer shipping all over the world at different rates and that information can be found on their website.

The TSS brake mod is a hydraulic brake pedal that will measure the forces delivered from your foot instead of distance like a standard potentiometer. This also mimics the natural forces that one feels on a standard racing pedal. Combined with the hydraulics is a heavy duty spring that will take care of the initial pressure, as well as effect the return of the brake pedal on release. When pressure is applied by the foot, it is the pressure of the spring that you first feel and this is completely adjustable. Then comes the hydraulic pressure as it pushes though the piston and into the measuring reservoir. That pressure can also be adjusted and will create the soft or hardness of the pedal that you feel.

The installation of the pedal was the hardest of all of the G27 brake mods I have done yet. The only reason for this is because of the secondary reservoir and it sticking out the bottom as I tried to install the pedal. Beyond that the installation was the same as most of the other mods we have reviewed. The only other difficult part of the install was attaching the reservoir to the plastic casing of the G27 pedals. TSS supplied zip tie anchors with double stick tape but overnight they came off due to the pressure from the hose. In the end I was able to make everything work but was still not comfortable with such a fine pedal being in a plastic case. Also the TSS spring can only be adjusted by taking the plastic case apart again which isn’t fun. So I decided to mount my three pedals directly to profile tubing. This made them very solid, offered and easier way to mount the reservoir and also allowed them to be adjusted more easily.

Here’s a tech tip on taking apart your pedals

Once I had the pedal mounted and on my rig it was time to really try them out on track. The spring tension on the pedal is much heavier then the stock spring. If you used to run in socks, you might be thinking about running shoes now. However with the adjust-ability of this pedal, you can really dial that pressure exactly to your own desires with or without shoes. One area that the TSS pedal is somewhat unique is that it still has a very large amount of throw. And by making other adjustments to the pedal you can effect how fast the pressure is applied or the linearity of the pedal. The TSS pedal is extremely smooth in its movement and this makes modulation of the pedal very easy. Combine the natural feeling of a pressure based brake and the high precision of this pedal and it will shave major amounts of time when compared to a stock pedal. With this pedal I was doing some of the best trail braking of my sim racing career. That smooth modulation allowing me to slowly release the pedal as the car turned for apex. Under heavy braking I found this pedal to be even more dynamic. Giving me a range of distance to play with and prevent the wheels from locking under threshold braking.

Now for some pros, cons, revs scale and final thoughts..

Great Feeling, very natural
Adjustable pressure
Adjustable return
Feels built to last
Looks awesome
Great modulation – prevent wheel lockup, trail braking
Great emergency braking

Semi Tough install
Fragile hose
Very expensive
Must hard mount pedals – Frankenstein , invert
Very expensive

Rev Scale 10 out of 10

Final Thoughts

I have always raved about the difference between a stock potentiometer based pedal and a load cell upgrade. This is only my second hydraulic pedal and I am now convinced that it is even more realistic then a load cell. The same can be said about both models that I have tried. You are changing to a muscle memory type movement rather then the distance movement of the stock pedal. On top of that the hydraulic pedals have the pedal feel that is so similar to what me real car feels like. For me, this gets even one more step closer to reality. With the TSS brake mod, I don’t even think about the braking, I just do it.