Thrustmaster T3PA Bodin Load Cell Review

Presenting our Thrustmaster T3PA Bodin load cell review. You can check one out at The load cell will retail for $99.50 and should be available at his website very soon.

The BLC-T3PA Load Cell is a simple bolt-on, plug-and-play brake mod upgrade for the Thrustmaster T3PA pedals. It will convert the brake pedal from a position-sensitive input to a load cell-based, pressure-sensitive input.

It’s fully compatible with the T500RS, TX, T300, and T150 wheel bases, and it works on the PC and console.

BLC-T3PA Load Cell 3

The BLC-T3PA Load Cell Mod utilizes a 35kg (approx. 77 lb) load cell, transforming the T3PA pedals to have a much more realistic brake pedal.

Installation was very straight forward and took  about 15 minutes from start to finish. If you’ve already installed the conical brake mod, you’ll need to remove the bracket that holds it in place before you start, remove the conical mod and then re-install the bracket and then the BLC-T3PA mod. Once you’ve installed the hardware, you plug the pedal base into an RJ jack and then into your wheel base.

Once installed, you’ll need to hard mount your pedals due to the increased pressure but we recommend doing so even without a load cell.

BLC-T3PA Load Cell

Easy to install
Don’t need to take apart pedals to install
Transforms the T3PA into a pressure based brake versus positional based
Can improve lap times
Improves trail braking
Shouldn’t void warranty
Compatible with PC and consoles

May be tough to get as Bodin is out of stock on all of his other accessories
Not the best looking piece aesthetically but doesn’t hurt performance

Final thoughts: For $200, you can have a load cell based pedal set for your Thrustmaster wheels. Definitely enhanced threshold braking which translates into better more consistent lap times. Only concern I would have for this product is availability since the rest of his inventory is shown as “out of stock”. Since it’s the only load cell on the market for these pedals, I could see this being a hot commodity.