SRX Innobox Pro Button Box Review


There’s a new button box developer on the scene. A company based in Spain that goes by the name SRX or SimRacing Real Xperience. They recently reached out to me and sent me this Innobox Pro Button Box to review and it retails for $316.18 and if you want one shipped here in the U.S. add another $40 or so to that price. Shipping to Spain though is free. They also make full dashes, panels and wheel mods.

• 24 Functions
• Mechanical Switches with metal chassis
• Cover Swap System
• Customizable Covers
• Plug and Play ( Compatible with all titles )
• DC 12v 1,5A ( EUROPEAN ) adapter included – ( If you’re in the states, you need to buy an adapter like this and they go for about $3.00 )
• Customize switch bezels disposition
• Vesa 75 mm
• 9 NKK MB2000 (Max quality) buttons
• 2 Rotary encoders one of they with switch enable
• 5 Toogle switch Hard action MOM-OFF-MOM
• 1 RF Remote controller
• 1 2.0 USB Cable that’s 1.5 meters which is about 6 feet

The covers can be labeled for either iRacing or rFactor currently with plans for Project Cars as well. If you want both, the covers go for an additional 44.26 or you can do a custom cover for $63.23. You can also do the custom configuration versus the iRacing or rFactor versions by paying an extra 15 euro and not select the iRacing or rFactor covers.

It’s powered by a Symprojects JC-24 board.

Now lets get to the Pros and Cons..


High quality buttons – very solid click
Smooth operation on the encoders
24 total buttons or operations
Plug and play
Can configure the box how you want with colored buttons and custom face plates
Has the interchangeable face plates that are backlit and labeled
Face plate that you can get pre configured with iRacing or rFactor
Mounting points on back – threaded for M4 screws
Looks cool


Needs a separate power adapter for lights
Extra $40 or so for shipping in the states
Need an adapter for the DC plug they send

Innobox Pro Button Box

Final thoughts:

Some people may say, what’s the point of getting a button box when I have buttons on my wheel and I could use my keyboard. For titles like iRacing, rFactor Assetto Corsa and others, there’s lot of different functions you can map to something like this. Trying to hit an exact button on a keyboard in the heat of the moment during an online race could be fatal. You could hit the windows key or on some newer keyboard a stand by or power off button and end your race as well as cause a wreck.

It’s definitely pricey considering the other options that are available on the market but like most products, you get what you pay for and this is a quality box for sure. Nicely constructed, Solid clicks on the buttons, smooth movement on the encoders and the variety face plate options. If I were to purchase one though, I’d probably go with the basic version and save about $100. As cool as the interchangeable face plates are and the back lighting, I could do without them and I wouldn’t have an extra AC adapter to plug in.

If you’re interested in checking this innobox out or one of the other products they have available, head over to

I’d like to thank Rafael of Sim Racing Experience for sending this to me and Pablo Lopez for putting us in contact with each other. You’ll probably see this box on my main rig for a long time as I really like it.