Playseat Challenge – Review


Playseat has been making sim chassis for many years, and some might even say their name is synonymous with sim chassis in general. Playseat has also always been known for rigs that feature a center post design which translates into a fairly stout fixed rig. Their latest entry to the market is the Playseat Challenge and it is a new design and a new direction for the company. The Challenge is a portable sim racing chair that offers a lightweight and affordable option for the entry level sim racer. Those design elements also make it a perfect solution for those who are short on space or that don’t want a dedicated sim chassis in their home.

The Challenge seat is made of tubular powder coated steel with an Alcantara covering on the seat. The seat is suspended from that frame and can be adjusted to fit drivers from 4 to 7 feet tall. The wheel deck is on a swing arm that allows the drivers entry into the rig. The pedals are held in place with velcro and attached to a small frame on the ground. The overall look resembles a lawn chair with a wheel deck attached to it. The wheel deck and pedal frame are made to accommodate all of the common wheels on the market. When in the driving position the Challenge measures out to about 53 x 21 x 38 inches. When folded up it measures 49 inches tall, 21 and half inches wide and only 11 inches deep and that makes it easy to fit in a small closet.


Portable – easily put away
Ready for common wheels and pedals
Fairly comfortable
Less wheel wobble then expected for this design
Good alternative to a wheel stand
Perfect for a sim gamer running a DFGT or F430 wheel.


Not serious sim racing gear
Wheel deck is too high for shorter drivers
Hard to fold up and put away with a heavier wheel
No way to mount shifter or other accessories
A tad pricey

We hope you’ve enjoyed our review of the Playseat Challenge.  Please watch our video review as well to hear more about what Darin & Shaun thought about it.  On the Rev’s Scale, we give it an 8.5.