GT Omega Triple Monitor Stand V3 Review

Presenting our GT Omega Triple Monitor Stand V3 Review. Recently I received a full GT Omega Pro Supreme chassis and triple screen monitor stand to review. My chassis review will come at a later date and for this review I wanted to focus on the triple screen stand that came with it.

When companies want me to review a triple screen monitor stand, I cringe because I would essentially have to break down my main racing setup to do so.

So after assembling the new GT Omega Pro cockpit, I figured I would assemble the stand as well and see how it looked. As I started assembling it, I realized that this may be a great stand to replace my aging and not well designed current setup. Upon further assembly and taking some measurements, sure enough it would be wide enough for my current base.

The V3, which I assume refers to the third version of this stand, is an independent monitor stand which allows the user to adjust and place the screen right in front of the wheel and give the perfect visibility for racing. It allows you to adjust the distance and the height of the monitors to suit your driving position. Also comes with 2 speaker mounts and a Console/Table Tray.

It comes powder coated in black only and retails for £179.99 British pounds, €249 Euro or if you’re here in the states, $283 plus an additional $100 or so to ship it. That comes to just under $400 shipped to your door in the U.S. I’m sure shipping is much cheaper if you live in Europe especially close to one of the four distribution points for GT Omega.

In regards to monitor stands here in the states, there’s not much to compare it to. The Obutto monitor stand base goes for $145, plus an additional $130 for the triple screen adapter which puts you at $275 not including shipping. The Obutto stand wouldn’t work with my configuration though. here in the states has a setup though that would probably do the job as you can tailor it how you want in regards to dimensions and it goes for about $300. All three can hold monitors up to 27″.

Here’s more specs on the V3 from GT Omega

The angle and height of the monitors can be adjusted and each can be rotated 360 degrees.

Monitor Stand Content:
• Triple Monitor Stand
• Table Top
• 2 speaker mounts
• Single and Triple Monitor plates.
• Assembly tools.

Mounting plate come with VESA mounting holes of:
• 75mm x 75mm,
• 100mm x 100mm
• 200mm x 100mm
• 200mm x 200mm

• Monitor Stand Dimension & Weight: 23KG
• Width –   121cm (between the feet base is about 90cm)
• Length – 65cm
• Height – 110cm

Assembly of the stand was a breeze and took about an hour. Probably took me another hour or so to mount the monitors and adjust them to my setup and what I prefer. Assembly would have been much easier if the instructions were more detailed. I had to look at pictures of the stand and decipher how some things were put together to get it right. Luckily it wasn’t too difficult.

I honestly never thought I would find a stand that would work be separate from my main chassis. If you’ve ever had a rig with the monitors attached, there’s always some movement. You would need a very substantial setup to not have any wiggle or shaking from the torque of a force feedback wheel being turned quickly back and forth. That being said this stand did the job and then some. I was able to use the speaker mounts to attach two of my front speakers. I also could have used the table top piece for a button box or display, but just kept them attached to my 80/20. I also loved the adjust-ability of the stand and how you can place them at any angle or position you want.

That would make for the PROs of this stand.. Now for the cons..

Would be nice to not have to pay $100 for shipping for those of you here in the states. I would also like an option to lock the monitors in place as they move a little too easily. Final con was the lack of detail in the instructions. Speaking of, if you need any help putting yours together, email me at and I’ll be happy to help you figure it out.

Other than those three cons, I really can’t find anything else wrong with this stand and can highly recommend it. For those of you looking for a single monitor stand, you could save a bunch and get their V2 and it’s essentially the same stand and it’s good for a single display that weighs 30 KG or about 67 lbs.

I’d like to thank Leo for sending this stand and the GT Omega Pro chassis to me. I’ll also be reviewing the Pro soon so stay tuned for that as well.

That’s going to wrap things up and I hope you enjoyed my review of the GT Omega Triple Monitor Stand V3.